Lucy Lemay Cellucci


Author Biography

Lucy Lemay Cellucci is a native of North Bay, Ontario. She moved to Ottawa in 1999 to pursue her career in dance education. Having instructed dance for nearly two decades, Lucy has dedicated her stolen moments in between teaching and raising her family to her first love: the written word.

To date, Lucy has a published young adult novel, True Colours (Dundurn Press), which is the first in a series aimed at young readers 12 and up, and deals largely with themes of animal welfare and coming-of-age issues. Most recently, Lucy has been published with Chicken Soup for the Soul publishing in a collection of written works titled The Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide.  This delightful collection of poignant stories highlights the difficult, endearing, and often laugh-out-loud funny moments that make up motherhood.

A professed lover of strong coffee, mellow wine, and mentally imbalanced felines, Lucy is also an avid blogger. This is the place where she invites her readers to tune in and share in her pursuit of contentment, children, matching socks, and Old Dutch chip trucks.

Lucy is currently hard at work, mapping out the next adventures of Zoe and Alex for the third installment of the True Colours series (okay, she’s really eating a bag of chips). You can follow Lucy on Facebook at  She really likes getting “likes”.


  • I was born under the sign of Gemini (which explains why I rarely shut-up).
  • I am the youngest in a family of five children.
  • I am terrified of bees.
  • I have an incredible weakness for “Old Dutch”, BBQ chips.
  • While I enjoy running and teaching dance, I generally detest all forms of exercise (I only do it so I can eat more chips).
  • I didn’t take my first dance class until I was nearly eighteen years old.
  • I was born two days late…a theme which has repeated several times in my life. In fact, if I am only 15 minutes late, then I consider myself to be “early” :)